Let Your Life Let You Control Social Media! Its worth it!
Let Your Life Let You Control Social Media! Its worth it!

I’m  Jules Snodgrass, a Sydney based writer. My life turned upside down when i left Australia to live in the Empty Quarter of the World. As a result of leaving behind friends, family for the unlikely and unknown i was inspired to finding quiet in a noisy world, the future and what it could bring by achieving your goals. A mother and baby business, was born,  journal writing, a career degree at university, motivation speaker for careers and women. 

I quit social media and did 30 days no social media ! I feel less anxious and more productive. 

www.julessnodgrass.com how to detach and choose happinessThe busier you are the more, quiet you need. In order to acquire something, you have to relinquish your attachment to having it. Happiness is a way of life not a tangle object to find. To detach is a simple concept to allow less agonising over decisions therefore you release fear before it happens.  Burnout hurts. 

Multi-tasking, jamming our schedules and spending hours on devices and as a result have trouble sleeping as they are wired. We live in an era of unbelievable stress, disruption and static. Life can get exhausting with choices, decisions and the ‘busyness’ that is why I did

No Social Media for 30 days 

I was inspired by permission to stop pushing ourselves so hard, find my quiet and get to know me without all the noise.



jules snodgrass

I was the  girl in the Desert, ‘living the rich life” happiness without all the noise. 

More productive, stress less and happier than ever this talk it will give you the motivation and tools. 

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