Hello, I’m  Jules Snodgrass, a Sydney girl who left Australia to live in the Empty Quarter of the World. As a result of leaving behind friends, families for the unlikely and unknown i  was inspired for the future and what it could bring by achieving your goals. A mother and baby business, was born, self-worth journal writing, a career degree at university, and body kindness motivating speaker for women. Today, I am in career education and love writing to inspire life. 

www.julessnodgrass.com how to detach and choose happinessIn order to acquire something, you have to relinquish your attachment to having it. Happiness is a way of life not a tangle object to find. To detach is a simple concept to allow less agonising over decisions therefore you release fear before it happens.  Over the past 10 years i have seen people seek out happiness through having the things they want, yet to obtain all the goals. Reality is the opposite.

Multi-tasking, jamming our schedules and spending hours on devices and as a result have trouble sleeping as they are wired. We live in an era of unbelievable stress, disruption and static. Life can get exhausting with choices, decisions and the ‘busyness’ that is why I created ‘The Slow Down Project for individuals to detach from emotional stress in work and life and Beautitate Meditation to help girls and women overcome the beauty ideals that come with media manipulation and comparitis (comparing ourselves to others).

I want to invite you to join the Slow Down Project inspired by permission to stop pushing ourselves so hard, trust our ‘why’ and ‘who’ we are. I invite you to breathe fresh energy into life with self-care, self-confidence and self-acceptance into our worlds.  Often it’s during our most challenging times that we learn and grow the most. Build your self-belief and experience happiness from within!

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Everyday we make choices. In this ‘busy era world’ we live in we have so many choices presented in front of us that often their are too many that we feel overwhelmed and get stuck in indecision. Often we are in a hurry, too busy and stressed or too tired to slow down and take notice or change our choices to make life simple, easier, happier or more success for our lives. 

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With 1.6 million people on facebook the art of slowing down is almost impossible. With all that life has to offer we are wired for more and the more we go faster, quicker and get more busy we lose the art of slowing down in a very busy world. As life’s pressures build up we get overwhelmed with what we actually have to do to what we really need to focus on and take time to take care of ourselves. Rather than switch off it may be time to keep track of how we use our time and master new habits that stop us feeling guilty for slowing down. Join The Slow Down Project and How can you slow down?. 



I’m a recovering comparitis and a speaker. We all have compared ourselves with others to see if we were good enough at some point in the past. The good news is its not a disease but we need to detach.  Why Do We Attach? In an effort to define ourselves, we listen to what others want us to be and make choices about the things we like or dislike. The paradox here is that in our effort to become ourselves, we actually create separation that sets us apart from others. 

Comparing so we can stop self-limiting our goals, dreams, successes and overcome self-doubt, conquer the fear of failure and live a balanced life with less device time. 

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Get in touch if you want a speaker who speaks the words of experience, on topics, Girl in the Desert, ‘live the rich life; how slowing down to help you be more productive, stress less and happier’ it will give you a boost of happiness and motivation for school groups, businesses, entrepreneurs, business chics, and mums groups for the mind, body, soul, mindfulness, food,health, beauty and building success in life. 

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